Spain’s 2 biggest clubhouses are at odds with each other. Real Madrid chairman Florentino Perez Clasico completely refused to come.


Florentino Perez He has completely rejected this opportunity to watch the match with his team and do some activities to support it.

  • Florentino Perez will not see any competition Clasico
  • What happened will be included in the next Premier League which will be played in April 2024
  • Will the pressure increase Mountain on Barcelona in Nagreira Case.
  • Perez now fed up with all the Premier League stuff or is it something else?

What could be the issue! As reported by The Athletic, Perez was fully instructed to be present in the Director’s Box at the Olympic Stadium for Saturday afternoon’s clash, But a series of recent, major events have prevented both mind and body from being fully present. Perez Those who are so popular have many people who love them and they get everyone’s support as always, but one nature of a human being never goes away. If they feel bad about anything, they stop going there. Somewhere he is very sad about this and somewhere in his mind there is a hidden thought that how can this happen? The Real Madrid hierarchy is reportedly angry with a social media post made by a figure in the Barcelona hierarchy that attempted to discredit racism directed towards Vinicius Jr. They are also worried about the building allegations made towards Barcelona in the Negreira case.

The Big News: After a few years of relative peace, tensions have soured between Spain’s two biggest clubs once again. Barcelona tweeted a video last year linking Madrid with Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. Los Blancos fired back, leaving the two sides at an impasse.

But this thing gives us a symbol of sadness because such a small incident in such a big club is taking the form of a terrible incident and is giving complete disrepute to such a popular game football. But we completely agree with this That the anger of all the people is justified but because of all the people who are lower class players and people are going fast among all these people.

Spain’s two biggest clubhouses are at odds with each other. Real Madrid chairman Florentino Perez Clasico completely refused to come. Image source: X


What did he say on this matter: Carlo Ancelotti backed Perez’s decision not to attend in a press conference prior to Saturday’s contest: “What I know is that the decisions the president makes are for the good of the club. Everything he decides is for the good of the club.”

If we agree with this, on the other hand, the club is not run by just one person, for that it is very important to have everyone’s support and at the same time, it is the responsibility of the club president to stand up to the expectations of all the people. But after understanding everyone’s feelings and listening to everyone, it is very important to think about the club and its welfare before taking any decision because all the players and All the people are connected, all these people are connected to this club, so respecting it is the first religion for us.

Premier league It has just been made clear in the case of Florentino Perez or will not watch any match and they have made it completely clear and have told everyone but no one knows for how long this will happen.

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