Russian President Putin took a new step to stop the sale of illegal weapons in Russia. 01


President Vladimir Putin Banned illegal weapons being supplied to Ukraine in the war between Ukraine and Russia Due to which Ukraine was continuously getting weapons due to some traitors of Russia, after Putin got the news of this, all those things and all the people were banned.

President Vladimir Putin has called for measures to address the illegal circulation of weapons and ammunition in Russia, including from Ukraine. He emphasized the need to examine the channels through which these items enter the country and strengthen the regulatory framework. Putin has requested a detailed briefing on the issue from the head of the National Guard and the interior minister. This comes as Russian society becomes more militarized following the invasion of Ukraine, with no signs of the conflict subsiding. Russia has also increased its defense spending, allocating a significant portion of its budget to the war.

Why is it that since 2016, the GOP has completely changed their opinion of Vladimir #Putin ? Image Source: X


President Vladimir Putin On Friday, Putin revealed a new thing in front of everyone. Putin said that Ukraine is continuously getting weapons from our own country, Russia.Hearing this, everyone ignored him but Putin presented his side with full evidence and told how illegal weapons are being supplied to Ukraine from Russia.

As soon as Putin got information about this, he immediately took action on it and inaugurated a big team and thoroughly investigated this news and they found that yes, Ukraine was getting illegal weapons from Russia. are being received due to which Ukraine is continuously introducing new weapons into the war and at the same time after this information became completely clear to Putin An urgent meeting was announced and this meeting took place in the presence of the Russian Security Council.

Putin also got information that the people of Ukraine are being given complete training in gun handling on many channels and they are being given different types of knowledge. But Putin has put strict surveillance on all those channels and at the same time the National Guard and all the ministers have been given complete information about this council and about this Issue.

Russia, using its entire military force at the behest of Putin, launched a special military operation on Ukraine from Moscow on 24 February 2022. During this fight Ukraine carried out multiple drone and missile strikes over Moscow as well as cross border raids By Pro Ukrainian

Putin says that Ukraine wants to start World War 3 like World War 2 with the support of the entire country. Ukraine is continuously expanding its army and is also training it to use new modern weapons. On the other hand, Russia is also facing shortage of soldiers, due to which Putin has ordered that 147 000 men are needed in Russia as soon as possible.The Russian Government has ordered that any male between 18 to 27 years of age should join the army and it is important for him to complete the training as soon as possible and acquire the knowledge of using all modern weapons.

Putin’s order is that Russia should spend most of its budget in the defense sector and continuously increase the number of its soldiers. An order has come to complete this by 2024 and all this training is taking place inside Moscow.

Attention! At the moment, there is an attempt at a coup in Russia! Russian President Vladimir Putin died tonight in a residence in Valdai. At 20.42 Moscow time, doctors stopped resuscitation and stated death. Now doctors are blocked in a room with a corpse of Putin, they are held by employees of the Presidential Security Service by personal order of Dmitry Kochnev, who is in touch and receives instructions from the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev. The protection of the President’s double is strengthened. Active negotiations are underway. Any attempt to pass a double for the president after the death of Putin is a coup d’etat.

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