Samantha Ruth Prabhu did not listen to myositis, heavy workouts despite terrible pain


Ugh, Antawa Girl Samantha Ruth Prabhu has taken a break from movies these days. These days she is struggling with a disease called myositis. But even after that, he did a difficult workout.

New Delhi; Samantha Ruth Prabhu, a Tamil-Telugu film superstar and famous actress named Uta Antawa Girl, is focusing on her fitness these days। He has been on break from films for the past few months। Because she is struggling with a disease called myositis। So she does not compromise her fitness routine.No matter how much the disease hurts them। Despite the pain caused by myositis diagnosis, the actress had a difficult workout on Sunday. Stretched his body.

Done out of comfort zone

‘Ega’ fame actress Samantha is a fitness freak. She often performs difficult workouts, including cardio, rope climbing, weight lifting, stretching, and more. Samantha posted a picture of her battling pain on her Instagram story. The actress stretched out, bringing herself out of her comfort zone and moving forward. He was wearing a pink cropped sportswear.

What is myositis

Explain that the actress had revealed that she was suffering from myositis. It is a disease that causes terrible pain and weakens the arms legs and muscles, as well as a lot of fatigue.

Samantha will appear in these films

Talking about the work front, the actress was recently seen in the films ‘Shakuntalam’ and ‘Khushi. In addition, the actress will release the film ‘Chennai Diaries in 2024, in which she will appear acting alongside Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan in the Indian equivalent of the spy-thriller show ‘Citadel.

Image Source: INSTAGRAM
Samantha Ruth Prabhu

. By making her hair studded and with zero makeup, Samantha is seen exercising with many other gym equipment behind her


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