Snakes were being smuggled into India through these codewords


New Delhi: Famous YouTuber and Bigg Boss fame Elvish Yadav is embroiled in a snake smuggling case. During the investigation, the agencies came to know that drug peddlers used special code words to deceive the agency. Meanwhile, the agency investigating the drug cartel has made a big revelation in its investigation regarding the smuggling of snakes and drugs made from their venom.

Which codewords were used?

  1. King: Cobra snake
  2. White King: Powder or tablet made of poison
  3. Water King: Poison Drop
  4. King: 24 Snack Bites

Intoxication at rave parties due to snake venom

Generally, people who use snake venom for intoxication, take the venom of that snake, which numbs the brain. A mild dose of this poison causes a person’s brain to become numb for a few hours. The intoxication made from snake venom is much stronger than other intoxicants. Its effect can also be dangerous. However, the dose of this poison is kept very light because its excessive dose can cause a paralysis attack. Its overdose can lead to death.

Actually, people have a phobia about snakes and all of them are poisonous, whereas the truth is that most snakes are not poisonous. According to reports, poison is found in only 30 per cent of snakes. Even among these snakes, the poison of some snakes affects the human brain and the brain becomes numb. At the same time, the poison of some snakes has an effect on the human blood, due to which the blood coagulates.

International Racket of Thailand

From Thailand, the snake or its venom reaches India via Bangladesh or Nepal. Whereas the local network sources the snake and its venom from local snake charmers from Gujarat, Bengal and Rajasthan. According to the agency, international rackets use codewords (Dragon, K-72 and K-76) for snake venom. Whereas in India the codeword of drug racket remains king. The investigation has also revealed an international racket running from Thailand.

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