‘This is Rohit’s team’, why did Dravid say such a big thing before Team India’s first match in the World Cup?


Indian cricket team coach Rahul Dravid has made a big statement before the start of the World Cup. Dravid has also spoken a great deal about team captain Rohit Sharma.

ODI World Cup 2023: The Indian cricket team is scheduled to face Australia on the 8th in their first bout of the ODI World Cup. Team India is considered a strong contender to win the World Cup this year. Dravid teamed up with captain Rohit Sharma to prepare for making India the world champion once again years later. Meanwhile, before the first match of Team India in the World Cup, coach Dravid made a big statement about the preparations

This is Rohit’s team – Dravid

Rahul Dravid believes that he has almost fulfilled his responsibility as a coach by preparing the players for the World Cup and he is now behind the scenes Captain Rohit wants to give Sharma’s team a chance to sing its beautiful story. Dravid said that to be honest, after the match starts, it is the captain’s team. The captain is responsible for taking the team forward. The captain on the field implements the plans.

‘Almost finished as coach’

The Indian coach said that as a coach, I had less to do with World Cup preparations to build the team. Now players need to do their best with their game being enjoyed. He said that as a coach you can do something till before the match starts but when the players go into the field, things are in their hands. As a coach, you cannot add 1 run to the team nor take any wicket. We can now fully support the players.

Dravid was asked when scoring how much the team would win to win the match in this World Cup would be enough to win. He smiled and said just one run more than the opposing team. I think it would be right. See, it is difficult to predict this. This will depend on the circumstances and opposing teams. This will be the beauty of this World Cup.

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