Twitter’s biggest feature coming in Threads will be soon for users’ rollout


Meta launched threads to compete with Twitter. After the early days, the number of users on threads is constantly decreasing. The company is trying to increase users by adding new features. Now Meta has taken a major step to make it attractive. Meta is going to bring a big feature to threads.

Threads X Trending Feature: Meta had launched its own microblogging platform threads to compete with Twitter ie X. It was heavily popular after launch but now the number of users in it has decreased rapidly. Many features in threads are X ones but there are still many features in which X wins. These are the features of the trading topic. Users in X find out in the bars of the trading topic, but no such feature is yet present in the threads. However, now there has been news from threads that this feature will be found soon

Since the launch of threads, people have been missing this feature of X in threads with a lot of jokes. Threads users were constantly demanding this from the company. Now it looks like Threads User is going to get this feature soon. However, some time ago, Instagram CEO Adam Moseri said in a statement that Threads do not have target X nor does it want to do any competition from X. Moseri also said that Threads is not a political news platform.

This is how the upcoming feature was revealed

He said that it is a good thing to get traffic from the news and politics section but there are many risks. After his statement, users started feeling that the trending topic would not be found on the threads but now a screenshot taken by an employee of Meta has come out after which It is believed that the company may soon roll out the feature of Trading Topic.

After the feature of trending topics in threads, users will be able to easily understand which topics the users have an interest in and which topics are being searched. Currently, this feature is in testing mode in threads and if all goes well, it will be rolled out soon. Let me tell you that most Indians downloaded it after the launch of threads.

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