World Culture Festival: People from 180 countries, led by Mr. Ravi Shankar, pray for peace in Ukraine


On the second day of the World Culture Festival in Washington DC, former President of India Ram Nath Kovind addressed and spiritual teacher Mr Ravi Shankar prayed for global peace with people from 180 countries.

Washington: The second day of the World Culture Festival was quite energetic in Washington DC. During this time, attractive productions including Bhangra, Garba, Pakistani dance, Afghan dance, and Irish step dance fascinated the people. The impressive address of the former President of India Ramnath Kovind and the global mediation for peace by spiritual guru Shri Ravi Shankar remained the main attraction among the people.

People from 180 countries gathered in one place

This view was quite interesting when people from 180 countries mingled with each other and celebrated global cultures through dance, music and food. It was a grand event that truly characterized the power of India as a power that united the world stage.

The event began at the National Mall in Washington DC. It was the second day of the program, which began with the historic Lincoln Memorial stepping on the Yoga Mats of a thousand people. Here people also had the opportunity to participate in the yoga, breath and meditation sessions of Shri Ravi Shankar, the global spiritual guru.

Address by former Indian President Ram Nath Kovind

During this time, former President of India Ram Nath Kovind also gave an address. He said A group of people from mountains to coastal plains and from river valleys to deserts have gathered here. By doing so, you have created a microcosm of the (Mr Ravi Shankar) global family.

During this time many people also displayed their art. The presentation here was a traditional Ukrainian song run by Ukrainian composer Olena Astasheva, who left her homeland due to the war. Impressed by the demonstration, people joined a spontaneous peace prayer for the people of Ukraine led by Mr. Ravi Shankar.

People appreciated Mr. Shri’s contribution

Rev. Gerald L. Durley said, ‘We need to rename Art of Living to Art of Living Proof Because you ( Gurudev ) are proving that you can love, you can share. You can have a sense of compassion.

US venture capital investor Tim Draper also shared, ‘We ( Americans ) called people from other countries aliens. And it was not a good word; And somehow, we have started bringing people together, and under the leadership of Gurudev, we have brought people together, And now there is no alien on earth. But if there was an alien on this earth and they would say take me to their leader, I would point to Gurudev Mr Ravi Shankar for them!’

Among the distinguished speakers of the second day were Prithviraj Singh Rupan, President of Mauritius, Ramnath Kovind, Mrs Aki Abe, Former First Lady and wife of the late Prime Minister of Japan-Shinjo Abe, Dr Vivek Murthy, US Surgeon General was present along with others.

Garba’s performance of 10,000 people

Cultural glimpses of the second day included a thunderstorm display of 10,000 people at the National Mall, which created history as millions of Grammy winners, Indian American singers, and Thirke on the rhythm led by Falu Shah’s singing. US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said Today is powerful because they remind us how important our relationship with each other is.

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