9th day of Navratri: How to do Mahanavami puja and havan at home, method of worship and auspicious time


In the Hindu religion, Shardi Navratri is especially important. During Shardi Navratri, 9 forms of Maa Durga are worshipped and worshipped. This year, Mahanavmi is on 23 October and Mahadashmi is on 24 October.

Havan and Kanya are worshipped on Mahanavami and Dashami days. By performing Havan, one gets the blessings of Maa Durga. On this day, a fast is performed. Let us know about Havan material and Havan vidhi…

Havan Kund, mango wood, rice, barley, Kalava, sugar, cow ghee, betel leaf, black sesame, dry coconut, cloves, cardamom, camphor, batasha etc.

When to perform Havan?

Mostly Navratri havan is performed on the day of Durga Ashtami and Mahanavami. This year Durga Ashtami is on Sunday 22nd October and Mahanavami is on Monday 23rd October. You can give as per your convenience and belief.

How to perform havan?

  1. First, purify the Havan Kund with Ganga water. Tie Kalava around the Havan Kund.
  2. After this, make a Swastika on it and worship it. Then offer Akshat, flowers sandalwood etc. on the Havan Kund.
  3. After this prepare the havan materials. Add ghee, sugar, rice and camphor in it.
  4. Then place 4 mango sticks in the Havan Kund towards East, West, North and South.
  5. Then place a betel leaf in the middle and place camphor, cloves, cardamom, batasha etc. on it.
  6. After this, place mango wood in the Havan Kund and light the fire.
  7. Now while reciting the mantra, offer the havan material to the fire. After completion of Havan, worship 9 girls and feed them.
  8. After this, touch their feet and seek blessings. Then the girls are worshipped by giving Dakshina or gifts.

Do this work after Havan

After the havan is over, offer food to Mata Rani and after worshipping the girl, feed her. If there are not 9 girls, then definitely provide food to the girls as per your devotion. Take the ashes of Havan Kund, keep it in a bundle and keep it in a safe place or in your safe. If someone falls ill and feels like a defect in vision, then you can do Tilak on it, it will be beneficial for you.

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