A ground attack was carried out, tanks returned after wreaking havocIsraeli army finally entered Gaza


Israeli Ground Forces have destroyed many Hamas positions. Israeli forces have been deployed on the Gaza border for several days. Even if only for a short while, Israeli infantry and tanks entered Gaza and returned after wreaking havoc.

Israel-Hamas War: The Israeli army has surrounded Gaza from all sides. Although permission has not been given for the ground attack, for some time Israeli tanks entered Gaza, launched ground attack, caused destruction and returned. After this surgical strike by Israel, the Israeli army also returned back to its border. Israeli ground forces entered Gaza and destroyed several Hamas positions. Israel finally launched a ground attack on the Gaz the Israeli Army has also released a video of this action.

The army said several terrorist hideouts were targeted to “prepare the battlefield” for a possible massive ground offensive after more than two weeks of devastating air strikes. The attack comes as the United Nations warns that the Gaza Strip is on the verge of running out of fuel, forcing it to halt relief efforts in the area. Israeli troops and tanks launched a brief ground offensive in northern Gaza on Thursday. which those lands were captured.

The attack comes as the United Nations warns that the Gaza Strip is on the verge of running out of fuel, forcing it to halt relief efforts in the area.

After Hamas attack first ground attack

The health ministry in Hamas-ruled Gaza said on Wednesday that more than 1,500 people had died in the past 48 hours, up from 1,408 a day earlier. The bloodshed currently taking place in Gaza is unprecedented in the decades-long Israel-Palestine conflict. If Israel launches a ground offensive aimed at eliminating Hamas, the death toll in Gaza could rise.

Israeli Army Languages We have attacked only terrorist hideouts

During the overnight attacks, troops struck Hamas fighters, terrorist hideouts and anti-tank missile launching sites, the army said. Palestinian terrorists have launched rocket attacks into Israel since the war began. The Israeli military said it had struck only terrorist targets and accused Hamas of waging a campaign against civilians in densely populated Gaza. Neither side has yet given any information about casualties or accountability.

More Palestinians died in the war

Gaza’s health ministry reported that more than 8,000 Palestinians have died in the fighting. This also includes those killed in a bomb and shelling blast at a hospital last week. After this, Israel launched rapid attacks on Gaza.


What is the conflict between Palestine and Israel?

In 1947, the United Nations adopted Resolution 181, known as the Partition Plan, which sought to divide the British Mandate of Palestine into Arab and Jewish states.

What was in Palestine before Israel?

Especially the city of Jerusalem, Before 1948, Palestine was home to a diverse population of Arabs, Jews, and Christians, as all groups had religious ties to the area.

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