After Sanjay Singh tightens his close screws, ED sent summons for questioning


After Sanjay Singh, the Directorate of Enforcement has now started clamping down on his close ones. In this order, ED has issued summons to Vivek Tyagi, Sarvesh Mishra and Kanwarbir Singh for questioning.

New Delhi: After the arrest of General Man Party Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh, his close associates are now being tightened by the Directorate of Enforcement ( ED). ED has sent Saman to Vivek Tyagi, Sarvesh Mishra and Kanwarbir Singh to ask. According to the information, ED will interrogate these three by sitting in front of Sanjay Singh. Sanjay Singh is currently on ED remand till 10 October. ED claims that Sarvesh Mishra, an ally of Sanjay Singh, received two crores of rupees from Sanjay Singh twice. Simultaneously, Sanjay Singh’s PA Vijay Tyagi was given a stake in the business of Aralias Hospitality, the company of Amit Arora, accused of a liquor scam.

According to the information, ED also mentioned Sarvesh’s name while seeking Sanjay Singh’s remand. According to ED sources, Sarvesh Mishra received two crores of rupees at the behest of Sanjay Singh.

Please tell that Sarvesh has been an ally of Sanjay Singh since the time of the Mishra movement. Sarvesh has also been given the responsibility of spokesperson in the Aam Aadmi Party. Sakria also lives on Sarvesh’s social media. He also played an important role for Sanjay Singh in the functioning of Parliament. Vivek Tyagi is also an important part of Sanjay Singh’s team. Vivek is handling the responsibility of the district in charge in Hapur. Vivek has also been associated with Sanjay Singh since the beginning of the movement.

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