“Bring 70… Work done “, a poster about Agriculture Minister, FIR recorded on Congress leader


Posters of commissioning have been installed across the city over BJP leader and state agriculture minister Kamal Patel in Harda city of Madhya Pradesh. In this case, an FIR has been registered on the Congress leader and former MLA Ramkishore

Sistas is in full swing for the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh. Leaders are bringing new and unsurpassed ways to surround each other. Recently some posters have been placed in the city regarding Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel after which the state of the state has been re-warmed. In these posters, Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel has been charged with 70% commissioning khori as well as a QR code. This poster reads, “Bring 70… Kam Karao “and Kamlesh Patel has been written as ‘Corruption Patel.

FIR on Congress leader regarding poster

But now the BJP leader Subhash Sharma has also filed a complaint against the former MLA Ramkishore Dozen in the Civil Line station. At the same time, other Congress leaders were also seen landing in the field about the poster war of the commission Khori. Former Congress MLA Dr. Complaint has been filed on R’s double.

Congress leaders warn of closing the city

Late night, Congressmen surrounded the police station in protest against the FIR on the fall of former Lihaja MLA Ramkishore. During this time, Congressmen shouted slogans against the police administration. Congress leaders and activists continued to demand the removal of the civil line station in charge. Not only this, the Congressmen have given the police a day for this and warned them to close the city on Saturday if the demand is not met.

Congress district president said this

On this matter, the Congress District President, Om Patel said that the entire city of Kamal Patel had posters in the entire Harda called Kalpana Patel, which are up to Bhopal. Some of our colleagues took photos of those posters and put them on their social media IDs. After this, the Minister made an FIR in the police station on the administration by making medicine on the administration and some of our activists and former MLA Ramkishore. He said that our demand is that the officer who has registered a hasty FIR on the minister’s drug, be suspended. The second demand is to investigate who has put these posters in the city.

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