Amazon on the way to Netflix! Advertisements will now come in Prime Video, know how long it will start


If you use Amazon Prime Video for OTT streaming then you may soon get a big shock. Amazon may soon raise the prices of some of its plans. Along with this, the company can also start showing advertisements in cheap plans. In such a situation, prime users will now have to pay more to add free content.

If you use Amazon Prynne videos to watch the latest movies and shows, then there is work news for you. Amazon has indicated major changes in Prime Video. Whatever changes the company is about to make will have a direct impact on users. In fact, a report has revealed that the number of prime video users is steadily decreasing which is affecting the revenue of the company. Such a company may soon start showing advertisements on some subscriptions.

Not only this, but Prime Video can get a double shock from Amazon. The report also states that the company can make some of its plans expensive as well as start advertising. However, the good news in the meantime is that the company will bring a cheaper plan for its users. Advertisements will also come in this cheap plan. Not only this, the cheap plans in the company’s list can also contain Ads Start.

How long will it start

If the Reuters report is to be believed, Amazon Prime may soon start showing advertisements in the video’s cheap plan. Although there is nothing confirmed about it right now, it is believed that the company will start advertising in a cheap plan in 2024 next year. Let me tell you that Netflix started showing advertisements shortly before Amazon Prime.

Payment to add free

The report also reported that the first to show ads in Amazon Prime video would be from the US, UK, Canada and Germany. The company can then implement it in Mexico, Australia, Italy, France and Spain. After this step, if you want to see ad-free content then you may have to pay more than before. According to the report, users may have to pay $ 2.99 to add free content.

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