Abhinandan: The brave lion of the Indian Air Force who entered and killed Pakistan in his house


October 8 is Indian Air Force Day. Today Air Force in Prayagaraja, Uttar Pradesh is celebrating its day through the air show. Presented on this occasion today, is the story of the brave and brave young greetings of the Indian Air Force.

Indian Air Force Day: 14 February 2019, this day is hardly an Indian can forget. On this day some cowardly terrorists attacked the CRPF convoy at Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir. 40 soldiers died tragically in this attack. The whole country was angry. Everyone was talking about the terrorists giving a macul reply to Pakistan. It seemed to everyone that the Government of India and the Army would respond to Pakistan in the same language. The army also had a similar plan. On 26 February 2019, India airstrike at terrorist bases in Balakot, Pakistan. This led to Pakistan being billed. He too thought of attacking India.

F-16 fighter aircraft came to attack India

Pakistan responded to this Indian strike the next day, ie on 27 February, it was thought to attack Indian military bases. He sent for his campaign to attack the F-16 he had met in a bailout from the US. The Indian Air Force was ready for this nefarious act of Pakistan. The Air Force sent 24 fighter jets to Pakistan to respond. Greetan Vardhaman was also flying one of these 24 fighter jets. He was then the wing commander and part of the 51st Spadron at Srinagar. The IAF scrambled the jets as soon as the PAK Fleet flew. Abhinandan MiG-21 fighters were flying. Advanced fighter aircraft such as the F-16 were sent from Pakistan.

Pakistan came to attack India’s military bases

Pakistan was surprised to see this action of India. He came to attack India’s military bases but hurriedly dropped bombs and escaped. When IAF was returning to Dasta, Abhinandan said that Pakistan had an F-16 on their target. He shot down the F-16, one of the most advanced fighter jets of the time, from his MiG-21 fighter aircraft. However, in this attempt, he reached enemy territory. His plane crashed across the line of control ( LOC). He felt that perhaps he was within the border of India and the villagers present there also told him the same, after which he said ‘Bharat Mata’s Jai; Raised slogans of। After which the villagers attacked him.

Pakistan released videos of Abhinandan

He was then taken over by the Pakistani Rangers. He wanted to show the world with the support of Abhinandan that India had entered its border, but this bet also turned upside down. In the medicine of India and the world, he had to send back the brave young man of the Indian Air Force. However, it took about two and a half days. During this time Pakistan released a video showing the beating marks on Abhinandan’s face. Then came another video in which Abhinandan was given tea. Abhinandan was saying in the video that he was being kept properly.

The wrist of Pakistan had opened to the world. He had no other way than to send Abhinandan back to India. At that time, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan handed over the reception to India under the Geneva Treaty. Abhinandan received a grand reception at the Atari-Wagha border. When Abhinandan came to India, he was welcomed as a hero. He was also known for his magnificent moustache. Many of his people kept their moustaches in his style.

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