America gave a big gift to its jigger friend India, and thousands of Indians will benefit from this


The relationship of US President Joe Biden and PM Narendra Modi is quite strong. Its hallmark has been seen many times. The two leaders meet each other warmly. In recent times, the US and the Indian government together cut taxes on many goods, which helped reduce their price.

Modi government Indo-America friendship is reaching a new height during its tenure. America is calling India at every step. This is not only helping the country grow rapidly, but it is also benefiting millions of Indians working in America. Now America has taken another step for the Indian people. Indeed, the US has announced the grant of employment authorization cards for five years to some non-immigrant categories, including those waiting for green cards. This step will benefit thousands of Indians living in the country.

Extension of the validity period to five years

According to a new study, more than 10.5 lakh Indians are in the queue for employment-based green cards. According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), He is extending the maximum validity period of Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) for initial and renewal EADs to five years for some non-citizens. Experts say that this move of the US government will fulfil the dream of thousands of Indians. He will be able to fulfil his working dreams in America. For a long time, the Government of India was demanding concessions in work visas.

Green Card Officially Permanent Resident Card

The green card is officially called the permanent resident card. । It is a document issued as evidence to migrants in the US stating that the holder has been given the privilege of living in the country permanently. The limit for issuing green cards to the people of every country is limited. According to a David J. Beer study at the American Research Institute’s Cato Institute ’, the number of pending charges in an employment-based green card reached a record level of 18 million this year. Out of these 18 lakhs, about 11 lahks (63 per cent) pending applications are from India. About 2,50,000 (14 per cent) are from China. According to the study, no country can be given more than seven per cent green card (country border). Most of the 11 lakh pending applications of Indians are victims of the poor system. The federal agency said that for those applying for asylum or applying to stop the expulsion, Adjustment of status under INA 245 and suspension of deportation or cancellation of expulsion. It is estimated that four million of these may have died before obtaining the much-awaited legal documents of permanent residence in the US.

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