America takes this strong action against Hamas terrorists, Iran will be shocked to hear


US President Joe Biden has taken major action against Hamas after an hour-long meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his visit to Israel. The US has banned 10 Hamas members. It has also completely banned its financial network. This US action shocked other countries including Iran.

US President Joe Biden has taken major action against Hamas terrorists after his visit to Israel. This has caused panic in other Muslim countries including Iran, and Lebanon. During his Tel Aviv tour, Biden discussed the Hamas terror attack and the latest situation with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Also gave Israel the confidence to continue.  Biden also said that they think Israel has not attacked the hospital, rather it is someone else’s handiwork. Idh Israel has accused Gaza’s hospital of assault on Hamas terrorists. The Israeli military has also released a video of Hamas rockets being misfired. At the same time, after this development, the US President has taken strict steps against Hamas.

In fact, the US has 10 Hamas members and the Palestinian terrorist organization in Gaza, Sudan, and Turkeys, Sanctions were announced on Wednesday against a group of financial networks spanning Algeria and Qatar. It has taken this step in response to the killing or hijacking of more than 1,000 people in Hamas’s sudden attack on Israel. President Joe Biden, who arrived in West Asia late Tuesday night to express support for Israel, has tried to ease tensions in the escalating war between Israel and Hamas but The efforts have been dealt with by the death of around 500 people in a big bang at a hospital in Gaza.

Iran shocks US action on Hamas

Members managing Hamas’ investment in the Finance Department’s Foreign Property Control Office on Wednesday banned, A finance nut based in Qatar, with close ties to the Government of Iran, includes a major commander of Hamas and a virtual currency exchange based in Gaza. Finance Minister Janet Yellen said that the US ‘ took swift and decisive action to target its financial nutrients and investors after the brutal massacre of civilians including Israeli children by Hamas. They said, The US Ministry of Finance has a long history of effectively destroying terrorism funding and we will not shy away from using our means against Hamas.

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