firecrackers will not be heard in Bengaluru on Deepawali? Home Minister said this big thing


Speaking on the ban on firecrackers in the capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru, the home minister of the province. God said that these things will bring laws to overcome the incidents of fire.

Bengaluru: Karnataka’s Home Minister. God said on Wednesday that the government is considering banning firecrackers in the city of Bengaluru during Deepawali. This statement of the State Minister of the state is considered important in view of the fire incident at Attibale, located near Bengaluru earlier this month. 16 people died in the fire in Attibale. God said that if necessary, new laws will be brought to curb these things, and will also amend existing laws.

12 people died in Tamilanadu too

God said in Bengaluru, ‘ Every year such fire incidents occur during Deepawali. Around 12 people died in Tamil Nadu yesterday. We will bring new laws in the coming days to ensure that such incidents do not happen and to control things. Discussion is going on about this. This incident has taught us a lesson. If necessary, we will also bring amendments to the existing laws. ’ He said that the government would have to think about whether to allow firecrackers to burst in the city during the upcoming Deepawali festival.

Will decide on this by discussing it with the Chief Minister ’

Karnataka The Home Minister said, ‘ Many innocent people died, and some have lost their eyesight; Such things keep happening. Crackers have been banned during Deepawali in Delhi. We will see if it can be banned in the city of Bengaluru. What to do about this. From the Center, there is legal protection, and how to do it, will be discussed with the Chief Minister. ’ Please tell that the Government of Karnataka on Tuesday ordered a magistrate investigation into the Attibale cracker fire. Earlier this month, 16 people died in this fire incident

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