Asia Cup 2023: Team India is facing a serious problem because they have three days of games scheduled.


In Colombo, there is a Super 4 match between India and Pakistan for the 2023 Asia Cup. Rain was unable to disrupt this battle on the first day, and it is now Reserve Day.

The Super 4 competition being played between India and Pakistan on 10 September in the Asia Cup 2023 has not been completed on the first day. The rain could only take 24.1 overs of the Indian innings and the rain disrupted. However, there is a reserve day for this match i.e. the contest will now be played on Monday. At the same time, a major crisis has arisen in front of Team India. Actually, India will have to play for three consecutive days. This is quite a unique Vakia in the history of white ball cricket. We must have seen a team match for two consecutive days. But here Team India will have to play matches for three consecutive days.

On Sunday 10 September, Ind vs Pak it was to be fought. Then on Reserve Day, the combat is to be completed on 11 September now. At the same time, on 12 September, Team India has to play their second Super 4 match in which they will face Sri Lanka. That is, three consecutive days now Team India will have to play. This becomes more difficult when some players of the Indian team have returned after injury. Hardik Pandya also continues to work on workload management. In such a situation, playing for three consecutive days has not made it difficult for the Indian team to grow anywhere.

Only one match of Super 4 got reserve day

Earlier, no results were found due to rain in the group match of this tournament. In view of this, the Asian Cricket Council had decided to keep Reserve Day for this epic battle. While other Super 4 matches are also to be held in Colombo but no match has received Reserve Day. Also, Reserve Day has been kept for the final bout to be held here on 17 September. Talking about this match, on the first day, the Indian team had scored 147 runs in 24.1 overs. Virat Kohli 8 and KL Rahul were at the crease scoring 17 runs. From here, India’s innings will start on Reserve Day.

India’s History in case of Reserve Day is bad

If you talk about the history of Reserve Day, it has not been good for the Indian team. So far Team India has played on Reserve Day twice and lost both times. These two were important for the Indian team. First, India and New Zealand competed on Reserve Day in the semi-finals of the 2019 ODI World Cup and the Indian team had to lose in that match. After that, teams from India and New Zealand were face to face in the final of the World Test Championship 2021. The result of that match also came on Reserve Day and Team India had to bear the loss. While India and Sri Lanka were not even competing on Reserve Day in the 2002 Champions Trophy. Earlier in the 1999 World Cup, the result of India and England’s match was on Reserve Day in which the Indian team won.

India and Pakistan will now compete on 11th September 

For the second time in a row, the match has to be stopped midway due to rain, but the wait of the fans is not ending. If we consider the match between India and Pakistan from one side, then the fight is praiseworthy, but the match has not been completed yet. This time India batted first and for the first time India could not even play the full 50 overs but their players played the entire game but for the second time India captain Rohit Sharma decided to bat first after blowing dos during the match on 10th. On the other hand, Babar Azam said that if we had won, we would have bowled, but India’s batting was very good. Seeing the excellent innings of Indian openers, captain Rohit Sharma and Suman Gill, Pakistan’s bowlers were already in trouble. India’s openers made a partnership of 122 runs for the third wicket and with that both the batsmen hit their half centuries but after some time Rohit Sharma was caught out and soon after that Afridi gave an easy catch to Shubman Gill. Got it done and after that Rohit Sharma went to Praveen, after that the pair of Virat Kohli and KL Rahul, Preet Parai, KL Rahul showed 1, 2 excellent shorts and after that Prasad arrived and it was decided that the match would be held the next day at 3 o’clock. match

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