Canadian 70-year-old ‘grandmother’ to 35-year-old Pakistani boy, loving, married


Love does not look old. An example of this is the 35-year-old Naeem of Pakistan and Mary, a 70-year-old woman from Canada. Both of them have done Viva. Now recently Mary has come from Canada to Pakistan to spend time with her husband, Naeem, half her age.

Canada-Pakistan : A song is very famous ‘No age limit…’. This song has been vindicated that age is not seen in love. Yes, a 35-year-old Pakistani boy fell in love with a 70-year-old ‘grandmother’ in Canada. The special thing is that both of them also got married. That is, a Pakistani boy got married with his twice as old as M Hill. The name of this Pakistani groom is Naeem Shahzad and the 70-year-old woman of Canada is Mary.

Naeem Shahzad, 35, is married to a woman twice his age, ie 70 years old Mary. Mary is a Canadian resident and the affair between the two began on Facebook. However, some people have also raised questions about this marriage. Some people are linking Naeem’s move to get visas. However, Naeem has categorically denied such things.

Friendship was in the year 2012

Pakisthan’s Naeem reported that in 2012, the two met on the social media platform Facebook. Mary proposed Naeem in 2015. The two were then married in August 2017. However, Naeem faced visa related problems and for this reason the two could not live together in Canada. Mary recently visited Pakistan for the first time and planned to stay with Naeem for a period of 6 months.

Mary spends on pension

He was mentally disturbed when Mary met Naeem. Mary supported Emotionally and Economically Naeem. According to Naeem, Mary is very old and not very rich. She spends on a small pension.

Naeem said that he does not care how much age difference there is between them. Naeem rejects these arons after marriage that he loved a woman of double age to go to Canada. Naeem says he was in depression and the other mantle was facing troubles. He told that it was Mary with whom he could speak openly. He supported her in every way, after which she fell in love with Mary to Naeem. He told that his house is also normal and that they are both living a normal life.

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