Open donation of the King of Lalbagh, Mumbai, listening to the donation of the first day will fly your senses


Ganeshotsav is celebrated with great pomp in Maharashtra. In this too, the king of Lalbagh of Mumbai is unique. Devotees come here not only from the country but from abroad and they also offer a lot of offerings.

Maharashtra: Ganeshotsav has been razed across the country। Ganesh Chaturthi, which started from 19 September, will be celebrated with similar pomp throughout the country till 28 September. In every street and locality, you will see Bappa Virajman. Everyone celebrates this festival with great joy as Ganapati Bappa Hums come after a full 1 year of waiting. In such a situation, a large crowd of devotees is seen in the court of the King of Lalbagh, Mumbai. Now if such a huge crowd of devotees comes, they will offer the offer to Bappa accordingly. How much has been offered on the first day in the donation box of the King of Lalbagh was counted today.

Devotees made so much

Wednesday is the second day of Ganeshotsav. On this day the donation box of the King of Lalbagh was opened to find out how much the devotees had offered on the first day. If the money kept in donation box was counted, the amount reached 42 lakhs. Apart from this, devotees also offer gold and silver to their beloved Bappa. Let me tell you that the devotees have also offered 198.55 grams of gold and 5440 grams of silver.

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli ringing in the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations! 🙏🤩 image source Instagram/Virat Kohli


This grand festival will last till 28 September

19 September has a grand start of Ganesh festival which is going to last for 10 days. That is, this festival will last till 28 September. For these 10 days, you will get to see the boom of this festival in every corner of the country, the most popular is seen in Maharashtra. Ganesha Mandal, the king of Lalbagh, Mumbai, is also the most popular in Maharashtra. Millions of people come from abroad to see the king of Lalbagh. According to information received from the officials of Raja Ganesha Mandal of Lalbagh, about 1 crore people come here for Darshan Thoogudeepa during the Ganesha festival.

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma image source/Instagram

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