Dangerous warlike weapon buying ostria, its strength growing in the sea, will break China’s


Australia is gearing up to further strengthen its army. He is upgrading his maritime army and war ships to compete with China in the coming years. At the same time, he is buying many such warlike weapons and drones from the US, which will make China sleepy.

Australia News: Australia has geared up to loosen China’s strut in the sea. China performs its Dadagiri in the Indian Pacific Ocean. Small countries have dominated their dominance. Sometimes, he does not hesitate to show his eyes to Australia either. Australia has decided to weaponize America to teach him a lesson on this action of China। Australia has announced the purchase of $ 1.5 billion worth of weapons from the US to counter China.

Australia will buy long dangerous drone

The warlike weapons Australia will include in its army fleet also include the upgrade of the existing P-8A Poseidon Maritime petrol aircraft. India also uses a different variant of Poseidon, whose main job is to monitor the enemy’s antics at sea. The variant that India uses is named P-8I Poseidon. In addition, Australia has also decided to purchase the fourth long-range Triton drone for maritime surveillance from the US. It is one of the most expensive drones from America.

Australia will be equipped with these capabilities by 2026

Australia made this controversial US arms acquisition bill public on Tuesday. It is part of a $ 1.5 billion incentive for the Royal Australian Airforce. It also includes the upgrade of the existing P-8A Poseidon fleet. This would give the P-8A maritime patrol aircraft the strength to fire anti-ship missiles up to 1000 km. The Department of Defense expects the first of its 14 Boeing-built aircraft to be equipped with anti-submarine warfare, maritime attacks and intelligence gathering capabilities by 2026.

Patrol aircraft fleet will be upgraded by 2030

Australia estimates that the entire fleet of P-8A maritime patrol aircraft is expected to upgrade by 2030. Australian Defense Industry Minister Pat Conroy says the upgrade of the P-8A and the purchase of additional MQ-4C Triton drone systems monitor our defense and especially the northern region of Australia Will be important for.

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