Denial of wearing hijab will cost women expensive, Iran’s parliament enacted stringent laws


Women in Iran made big appearances to end the imperative of wearing a hijab. But despite this, Iran’s parliament has approved a bill on the hijab.

Iran Hijab News: Women in Iran have fought a long battle against the imperative of wearing a hijab. A large number of Iranian women took to the streets to make up for the demand not to wear their hijab and made big demonstrations. These women also faced strict actions of the governance administration. The woman named Mahsa was also killed during the detention due to stern action during the demonstration. Meanwhile, Iran’s parliament has taken a big decision on the hijab and enacted a stringent hijab law.

Mahsa was taken into custody for opposing the hijab

Iran’s parliament on public places gave a bill containing the provision of punishment for women and those who refuse to wear mandatory Islamic ‘ headscarf ’ ( hijab ) Approved. The move came just days after 22-year-old Mahsa Amini’s anniversary, who was detained by moral police for opposing the hijab. There were protests in the country for months over Mahsa’s death in custody. Police were accused of torturing Mahsa, after which he died during treatment in the hospital.

Imprisonment up to 10 years for violation

According to information, Mahsa died on 16 September 2022. The bill, passed in Iran’s parliament, provides for punishment for owners of establishments providing services to women not wearing compulsory hijabs. If the crime is committed in an organized manner, the violators can be sentenced to up to 10 years. The bill has been passed by 152 MPs in Iran’s 290-seat parliament। This would require approval by the ‘ Guardian Council ’ acting as a constitutional overseer. It will be effective for an initial period of three years.

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