Emergency Alert Message: Why is the alert message coming again and again today, it means going


Government of India Alert: Is your phone ringing the bell again and again today? If you have also received an alert message, then this news may be of use to you. Today, a sharp bell rang at around 11.40, after which mobile users became upset. Let us tell you why the message of the bar alert is coming.

What is an Emergency Alert message: An Alert message has been sent to smartphone users once again from the Government of India. Surprisingly, today, on October 10, not once but four times the message of emergency alert came. Users were also shocked and upset by seeing the message of repeated alerts on mobile phones. The only desire was for people to know why the message of alert is coming again.

Let me tell you that at this time the Government of India is testing a special kind of alert system so that all mobile users can be sent messages simultaneously if needed. To test this feature, an alert message is being sent from the government. However, earlier, mobile users had received an alert message only once.

Today’s alert messages were mostly accessed by Vi users but later it was sent to all users. Please tell that the Telecom Department of the Government of India has sent a sample message to mobile users through the cell broadcasting system. If you too are getting bar alerts today, then you do not have to worry, Ignore it. The only purpose of this alert is to determine whether the system will function properly during a disaster.

What does an alert message mean?

If you are having an alert message, do not panic. This alert message from the government is part of the Pan India Emergency Alert System. It has been prepared by the Government’s National Disaster Management Authority. Its purpose is to send messages immediately to the people in the condition of compensation.

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