Encounter with terrorists once again in Rajouri, 3 soldiers of security injured


Police and security forces started a search operation after 3-4 terrorists were reported hiding in Rajouri, Jammu and Kashmir. During this campaign, encounters between security forces and terrorists began late Monday evening

The soldiers and police of our country are constantly trying to make Jammu and Kashmir terror-free. They also carry out different campaigns for this. Meanwhile, security forces were informed that 3 to 4 terrorists are hidden in Rajouri district. The security forces launched a joint operation with the police to capture them. Security forces fired to stop them when the terrorists attempted to break this siege late Monday evening. 3 soldiers have been injured in this encounter and have been hospitalized.

The encounter started on Monday

According to information, on Sunday, security forces launched a search operation in the Kalakote forest area in the Rajouri district to find hidden terrorists. The campaign started on Sunday, it continued throughout the day. Encounter with security forces began late Monday evening when hidden terrorists attempted to break the siege and escape.

3 young wounded

3 soldiers of the Indian Army have been injured in an encounter started with terrorists in Rajouri district late Monday. Of the 3 wounded soldiers, 2 soldiers belong to the Special Force. According to the information received, the injured soldiers have been hospitalized. The encounter between security forces and terrorists still continues.

Lieutenant Colonel gave this information

Jammu’s defence spoke to the media, saying, ‘On October 1, information was received from the Intelligence Investigation Agency that the movement of some suspects in the Rajouri area continues. Following this information, the Indian Army and Police jointly carried out a search operation in Kalakote.

He further explained that modern technology is being used to monitor terrorists. The campaign is currently on.

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