Grandma used to find the navel slipping. These 2 ways, she understood these symptoms.


Navel slips: Shifting the navel is a very common problem. In this problem, the navel slips from its place and then causes many problems. Stomach work mainly affects the hinge. Actually, the biggest reason for moving the navel is to lift the weight suddenly. Also, sudden bending or fast climbing can also cause this situation. In such a situation many symptoms can be seen in the body. But before knowing the symptoms, today we will know how to find the navel slipping. Explain that these methods are very old and have been used since the era of grandmother.

How to find the navel slipping? How to check the navel display in Hindi?

Grandma-Nani used these two methods to detect navel slipping

1. Feeling navel

Feeling a navel beat is considered the easiest way to identify a navel slide. You have to lie on the flat spot on the back. Now press the navel with the help of the thumb of the hand. If you feel a beating in the navel, your navel is right and in its place. If you do not feel a beat, it means that it is not in its place.

2- Measure the distance from navel to toe

Now you can also adopt another method. For this, you have to measure the distance from the navel to the toe. You have to measure the distance from the navel to the toe with the help of a thread or rope. Then measure the distance between the other toe and the navel. If there is even a slight difference in the distance of the thumb of both legs, it means that the navel has slipped.

3-Symptoms of navel slipping – Navel displacement symptoms in Hindi

Symptoms of navel slipping may first cause stomach cramps. Also, the stomach may deteriorate. There may be constant abdominal pain or you may have diarrhoea, constipation and nausea. In such a situation, you should show a doctor or sit with whose navel comes to sit. But do not ignore these symptoms.

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