GST Council Meeting: GST on jaggery, now 18% will not only take so, big decision on alcohol


The current rate of tax on molasses used as a sugarcane by-product and raw material for wine production has been reduced.

GST Council Meeting: Some important decisions were agreed on Saturday in the GST Council meeting. The council has reduced GST (GST on molasses) on jaggery from 18 per cent to 5 per cent. Similarly, it has also decided to exempt alcohol from levy for human consumption. Twenty-sixth Deputy Chief Minister TS Singh Dev, who is a member of the GST Council, said that the Goods and Services Tax ( GST ) will continue to be levied on additional neutral alcohol ( ENA ) for industrial use. According to PTI news, Dev said after the 52nd GST Council meeting ( GST Council Meeting ) that ENA ( potable alcohol ) will be exempted from GST for human consumption and its notice to is Supreme Court Will be given.

Delhi and Goa made this demand

According to the news, Dev said that the tax rate on jaggery used as raw material for sugarcane by-product and wine production was reduced from the current 18 per cent to 5 per cent tax. He further noted that some states such as Delhi and Goa raised the issue of online gaming companies facing GST demand notices for alleged theft. Dev said that the fees (tax demand notice) levied on these companies from the previous date were discussed. Because DGGI is an independent institution, no intervention can be made in it.

Big decisions today

GST Council Chairperson Nirmala Sitaraman ( Nirmala Sitharaman ) said that she would provide clarification to DGGI if needed. This is the 52nd meeting of the GST Council held on Saturday at the Science Building in New Delhi ( GST Council Meeting ). Sitaraman reduced GST on Sheera from 28 per cent to five per cent, sugarcane farmers will benefit. Similarly, Sitaraman said that if sold openly to 70 per cent coarse grain flour, it would take zero per cent GST ( GST ). It will take five per cent GST to pack and sell.

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