Hamas attack on Israel, the Indian embassy issued these big instructions to its citizens, stirring around the world


Hamas has called Israel the biggest attack ever. After this, the Israeli army also started a comprehensive military campaign against Hamas. The Israeli military has said that this war will be heavy for Hamas. Israel said that Hamas has waged this war, and the victory will be ours. Israel has started a fierce counterattack on Hamas.

Israeli forces are making a tremendous counterattack after Hamas’s biggest rocket attack on Israel. Many of Gazapatti’s buildings have collapsed in the Israeli attack. A fierce black balloon of smoke is seen rising in the sky. Meanwhile, the Government of India has also become cautious as soon as the war is announced. Under the Hamas attack, India has issued instructions to be vigilant with its citizens in Israel. The Indian embassy has told its citizens that all the Indians in Israel under attack from Hamas terrorists in Israel do not get out of their homes at the moment. All Indian citizens “keep following the security protocol as per the advice of local authorities.

The Indian Embassy has told its citizens that we look forward to their every help. But all be patient in this difficult situation. Let us tell you that Hamas terrorists have launched a bigger attack on Israel than 5,000 rockets simultaneously. This is the third major war in the world after the Russia-Ukraine War and the Armenia-Azerbaijan War. Iraq has instructed its citizens not to move out of their homes. The Israeli military is making a fierce counterattack on Hamas. There has been a stampede in the border area. A large number of people are feared dead.

The US and Russia also look at

After the war broke out between Israel and Hamas, the entire world, including the US and Russia, has been eyeing. The Israelites are anti-Russian countries, while they support the US. In such a situation, America wants Israel’s victory and Russia wants its defeat. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has directed Hamas to respond strongly after an emergency military meeting. Israel’s Directorate has announced that Hamas has waged war, and the victory will be ours.

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