Hamas fired more than 5,000 rockets at Israel, Israeli army launched a fierce counterattack on the Gaza Strip


Hamas has spread panic over Israel by firing more than 5000 thousand rockets. The Israeli army has also hit the Gaza Strip in a counter-attack. Many buildings have been damaged by this. Dense smoke and flames are seen rising from the buildings.

Hamas militants claim to have fired more than 5,000 rockets at Israel. At the same time, the Israeli military says that it is targeting and attacking some targets in the Gaza Strip. Sirens alerting to airstrikes in Jerusalem are ringing after the terrorist group Hamas announced a new military operation against Israel. At least three blast sounds were heard after Israel deployed an anti-rocket system. Earlier, a leader of Hamas’s military branch claimed that he had fired more than 5,000 rockets into Israel as part of a new military operation.

Palestinian militants operating in the Gaza Strip fired dozens of rockets towards Israel early Saturday, raising sirens alerting to nationwide airstrikes. Once the rockets are fired by the militants, rust is seen. The sound of rockets fired towards Israel in the sky of the Gaza Strip, While the sound of sirens alerting to airstrikes in Israel was also heard in Tel Aviv, the country’s economic and cultural capital, about 70 kilometres north. Israel’s ‘Magon David Edom’ rescue agency reported that a 70-year-old woman was seriously injured by hitting a rocket from a building in southern Israel.

Stalled in Israel and Palestine

According to the agency, in addition, a 20-year-old man has suffered a minor injury from a rocket’s shrapnel. There was no immediate response from Israel. However, the Israeli military subsequently carried out a tremendous air strike in response to rocket firing. Because of this, the risk of rust is visible. Israel has blamed the Hamas militant group for firing rockets. Israel’s counterattack is expected to cause severe damage to the Gaza Strip. The damage done so far has not been reported.

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