ICC Rankings: Team India did the victory of Asia Cup as well


ICC ODI Rankings: ICC has also changed the ODI rankings after Team India’s Asia Cup 2023 victory and South Africa’s victory over Australia. But some things have happened, no one understands.

ICC ODI Rankings: Monday and September 17 date were special for Team India. At first, the Indian team captained by Rohit Sharma captured the title after defeating Sri Lanka in a unilateral bout in the Asia Cup 2023 final. This is the eighth Asia Cup trophy of the Indian team. India has once held the title of T20 Asia Cup and seven times ODI Asia Cup. Where Team India on one hand beat Sri Lanka badly by ten wickets, At the same time, South Africa defeated Australia in the series by 3.2 after losing the first two matches in the five-match ODI series. After these two big matches, the ICC’s ODI rankings are also getting to see a lot of reshuffle. Interestingly, even after the defeat of Australia and the victory of Team India, the Pakistani team has again become number one in the ODI racking of the ICC.

Pakistan number one, team India reached number two in ICC ODI ranking

ODI has been released from the ICC following the bout between India vs Sri Lanka and Australia vs South Africa. Pakistan team has again become the number one team in this. This is when Pakistan’s team has neither reached the final of the Asia Cup nor won from the Indian team. Talking about fresh ranking, the Pakistani team has again fallen to number one with a rating of 115. The ranting of Team India is also 115, but the Indian team has had to be satisfied with number two. Why did the Indian team remain at number two. There are two reasons for this, one, Team India has achieved so much rating by playing 41 matches during this time, while Pakistani team has got so much rating by playing 27 Muka Balle. Also, when the rating is equal, the digits up to the tenth are used for ranking. Where Team India is behind.

Losses to Australian from South Africa, straight to number three

The Australian team has suffered a lot by losing to South Africa. Australia won the first two matches of the five-match series, but South Africa retaliated after that. Not only did South Africa capture the series by winning three consecutive matches, but Australia has also been pushed straight from number one to number three. Australia’s ODI ranking has now risen to three, while the team’s rating remains 113. Now the Australian team will be on the India tour, where three ODI matches will be played, which is going to be very important for both India and Australia. Ranking and ratings may appear to change after every match.

Team India single team in top of all three formats

Meanwhile, even though the Indian team has not become the number one team of ODI, but it is at number two and it is the only team in the world that ODI, Test and T20 remain in the top 3 in International’s ranking. The number one team in ODI is Pakistan, India at number two and Australia at third. Team India is at number one in the T20, England at second and Pakistani team at third. Talking about the Test, there is an Indian team at number one, Australia at second and England team at third. That is, the only Indian team in the top 2 in the three formats.

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