In the UNGA meeting, the big statement made by Biden about China, said this big thing on strained relations.


UNGA: US President Joe Biden has made a big statement about China in the ongoing UNGA session in New York. Biden spoke openly on his relations with China. Know what he said on the relationship of the two countries?

Joe Biden In UNGA: These days the session of the 78th UNGA ie United Nation General Assembly is going on in New York City, USA. On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden addressed the UNGA session. In his address, Biden made a big statement on America’s tense restrictions with China. Please tell that the heads of state of many big countries of the world have not come to the meeting of the UNGA. These include heads of state such as Chinese President Xi Jinping, French President Emanuel Macron, British PM Rishi Sunak.

Addressing the UNGA session, Joe Biden in his address spoke of restoring relations with China. He said that America does not want conflict with China. His administration wants to ‘responsibly manage‘ its strained relations with Beijing. In his address, Biden said that his administration is ready to work closely with China on many issues. The progress of these relationships depends on general efforts.

Not in favor of breaking ties with China: America

Biden further stated in his address to the General Assembly that when it comes to China, I want to be clear and consistent. We want to manage the competition responsibly between our countries so that it does not turn into conflict. This is to say that we want to reduce the risk with China, not in favor of breaking ties with China.

Round of meetings between China and US regime administration

These comments from Biden have come when US officials are visiting China and meeting Chinese ministers. At the same time, the Biden administration has maintained a regular channel of communication with Beijing to avoid conflict. White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan recently met with China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Meanwhile, Chinese Vice President Han Zheng met US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in New York from the United Nations General Assembly session on Monday. Blinken described the meeting as constructive by posting on X. At the same time, US President Special Envoy John Kerry also met with Vice President Han Zheng on Tuesday. Significantly, tensions between Washington and Beijing escalated earlier this year over Chinese spy balloons in US airspace and Russia’s support and trade disputes against Ukraine War.

US President Joe Biden appealed to world leaders at the UN General Assembly to stand with Ukraine against Russian invaders, hoping Republicans in Congress will also take notice.

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