Instagram feature coming to WhatsApp, now you will get option to select user name


If you use Instant Messaging Application WhatsApp, you are going to get a new feature very soon, Now you will be able to select the username on WhatsApp like on the social media platform Instagram, Not only this, but you will also be able to modify the user name according to your own.

WhatsApp Upcoming Feature: WhatsApp is constantly trying to improve users’ experience. For this, the company is bringing new features and updates. Just a few days ago, the company added a channel feature to its platform. Through this, users can connect directly with their favourite celebrities and stay updated with their activity. Now the company is going to give a new feature soon after which users will also be able to select their username in the app.

WhatsApp users will soon get the option to create a username in the application. The company is currently testing this feature. This feature of WhatsApp has been reported by the company’s watchdog website Wobe Tinfo. According to the report that has come out about this feature, some beta users have received this feature in the update of iOS A similar update was revealed earlier on Android.

Wabetainfo gave great information

The latest report has made it clear that this feature company of WhatsApp Username will be released for both iOS and Android platforms. Wabetainfo has also shared a screenshot about this upcoming feature, which suggests that users will get the feature of the WhatsApp username in this feature profile.

Users will also be able to modify the WhatsApp username in many ways. Users will also be able to use alphanumeric characters as well as some selected special characters in the username. It is currently in the feature development phase and users will get an update soon.

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