Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered in two months, know why the surrender is happening, what is its code word?


While Ukraine is counter-attacking Russia and Ukraine’s war, due to a lack of troops, it is recruiting youth into the army. These youth do not have experience in fighting the war. In such a situation, these young soldiers are surrendering through a codeword. Know the whole matter.

Russia Ukraine War News: It has been more than a year and a half since the war between Russia and Ukraine, but Jung is not taking the name of a thumbs up. Now Ukraine is also turning back. With the cooperation of the NATO countries organization, he is now going to the Kremlin and doing a drone attack. However, Russia has been maintaining its aggressive attitude since the beginning of the war. Ukraine’s army is putting arms in front of the Russian Army for this reason. In the last two to two and a half months, the number of surrenders of Ukrainian troops has crossed 10 thousand. According to Russian army officials, a large number of soldiers are surrendering simultaneously from the Ukrainian army.

What is the codeword for surrender?

In some cases of surrender, the entire company is surrendering to the Russian army with its weapons and ammunition. This has also been confirmed by Japorizia Governor Yevgeny Baliatzkyne.

A special radio frequency is being used fiercely in the surrender of Ukraine’s army. Electronic warfare experts of the Russian Army have created radio frequency 149.200. Any walkie-talkie can be contacted on this. Any Ukrainian soldiers who have to surrender to the Russian army contact their walkie-talkie with the codeword ‘Volga’ at this radio frequency. Those soldiers are given safe routes and have a chance to lay safe weapons.

Why are Ukrainian soldiers surrendering?

There are many reasons for the mass surrender of Ukrainian troops. In the past, those people were forcibly recruited into the army in Ukraine. These are people who have no experience fighting the war. Arriving at the frontline to save his life, these people are in front of the Russian army for the surrender. Apart from this, a large number of people who are pro-Russian have been ground till now. In such cases, the entire unit is surrendering. There are many of these people who are now participating in the fight together with the Russian army. At the same time, these soldiers are surrendering for fear of losing and death.

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