“Iran and Hezbollah don’t take our test”, Israeli PM Netanyahu’s defiance amid fierce war from Hamas


Israel’s horrific bombing of the Gaza Strip continues. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come under great indignation. He defied Iran and Hezbollah, saying that both of them should not take the test of Israel. Explain that Iran and Hezbollah have threatened to do heavy damage to Israel if they do not stop the attack on Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been ignited by the constant threats and warnings by Iran and Hezbollah. The Israeli Prime Minister has warned Iran and Hezbollah that they do not take ‘ our examination ’ in the north. Netanyahu said in a speech in the Israeli parliament ‘ NESET ’ on Monday that the world needs to unite to defeat Hamas. He said, ‘ ‘ This war is your war too. ’ ’ The Israeli Prime Minister compared Hamas to the Nazis. Meanwhile, after the complete siege of Gaza, huge crowds of Palestinians were seen in hospitals and schools on Monday. They are seeking shelter and facing food and water shortages.

After the attack on Israel by Hamas, the Israeli army is wreaking havoc in Gaza by bombarding bombs. This has caused an outcry in Gaza. All four of the Hamas terrorists have been caught eating. Other countries, including Iran, now want to stop the Israeli attack. So he is threatening Netanyahu, directly and indirectly. Recently, Iran’s foreign minister threatened to warn PM Netanyahu that Israel should stop the attack on Gaza with immediate effect. Otherwise, Israel would suffer heavy losses if Hezbollah landed in the war. Hezbollah has also threatened Israel to go to war with Hamas several times.

Who is Hezbollah

Hezbollah is an organization supported by Iran. This is the support of Hamas terrorists. Together with Hamas has warned of fighting a war against Israel. Just a few days ago Hezbollah also attacked an Israeli hideout. However, 3 of his fighters were killed in the Israeli counterattack. At the same time, Israel bombed Hezbollah’s major base.

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