Durga Vahini did rama worship on the occasion of Navratri, know the work of this organization and when it was established


On the occasion of Navratri in Nagpur, Durga Vahini organized Arms Pujan. Shaurya operations were also organized by the activists of this organization of the World Hindu Council and during this time the servants also demonstrated Shaurya by carrying out weapons.

The arms worship program was organized by Durga Vahini, the associate organization of the World Hindu Council in Nagpur. During this time, the servants of Durga Vahini worshipped the weapons. After this, gallant operations were taken out from Virbhadra Chandika temple to the main Itwari market in Nagpur which came to the Kali Mata temple and ended. After this, a gathering was organized here. During the Shaurya operation, Durga Vahini performed the weapon and was worshipped. After this, the pumpkin sacrifice was also climbed as a symbol. During this time, Durgavahini’s servants also announced Jai, Jai Durgamata of Bharat Mata. During this time, arms were also demonstrated at several places by Durgavahini activists.

Girls get self-defence training

Sony, the connect of Durga Vahini of Nagpur metropolis, said that members of Durga Vahini undergo difficult training. How girls do their self-defence is taught in the training camp of Durga Vahini. During this time, activists are trained in swordplay, airguns, penal wars, and Taman war skills. Trishul initiation is also given to the workers of Durga Vahini. Explain that in the Shaurya operations, the workers of Durga Vahini also showed their skills by rushing the floor on the road and showing that if there is a penal war, then they will take their self-defence.

What happens to Durga Vahini

Roshni Soni said that during training, women are taught how to avoid love jihad. They are told how the jihadists under Love Jihad try to trap Hindu women by changing their names. Also, how to do self-defence, all these things are also trained. The World Hindu Council includes women on the lines of the Bajrang Dal. To awaken the security-rite and dynamic spirit, the World Hindu Council set up an independent organization for Hindu women named Durga Vahini to solve various problems related to them In the year 1991. This organization can include women from 15 years to 35 years old.

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