Israel increased the pace of attack, now Israel will move out of the ground Gaza cut off from the whole world, communication system halted 01


Israel has started ground attacks on Hamas including launching huge surface to surface missiles which has created panic among Hamas. Due to this, Internet and other means of communication have been closed in Gaza Strip. Due to this, 23 lakh people living there have lost contact with each other and the outside world.

Israel Hamas War: The war between Israel and Hamas continues. Israel has intensified attacks on Hamas. Now the Israeli Navy is also handling a front to attack Gaza. Along with air strikes on South Gaza and North and Central Gaza, ground attacks have intensified. The circumstances are that Gaza’s contact is cut off from all over the world. Internet and communication systems have come to a standstill.

Israel is continuously increasing the pace of its attacks. Today Israel has unleashed military forces and armed forces on us, due to which there is an uproar in Hamas saying that many people are being killed and Some time ago we came to know that Israel is soon going to use surface to surface rocket launcher on Hamas, due to which the level of devastation will increase further.

Will Israel continue to carry out similar attacks on Hamas and how long will this attack last? Will it also be like Russia’s Ukraine war? Nothing is clear yet. But this thing forces all of us to think that to what extent man has fallen in today’s time, he is after each other’s life and this is not a matter of the country, this is happening within the country too. And if such attacks continue, the whole world will be destroyed because in today’s time, every country has its own different types of weapons which can destroy the entire earth in the blink of an eye. And tell us your opinion by commenting whether what is happening is right.

Salutation to the entire Over of Hamas

Israel has shut down the Internet and other means of communication in the Gaza Strip, cutting off contact with 23 million people living there and the outside world. Israel has also intensified air and ground attacks on Gaza since Friday night. The Israeli military said it was intensifying and broadening the ground operations in the region. This announcement by the military indicates that it is approaching the entire invasion of Gaza. He has pledged to completely annihilate Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Internet, telecom service stalled

The explosion caused by Israeli airstrikes showed a strong glow in the skies of Gaza City. Palestine’s telecom provider ‘ Palatal ’ stated that the bombing caused Internet, cellular and landline services ‘ to be completely disrupted ’ The communication stalled means that no information will be found about the killing of people and ground action in the attack.

People for food and water

However, some satellite phones are working in the area. Gaza has been submerged in darkness due to no electricity for a week. The people of Palestine are also struggling with the problem of food and drinking water. The people of Gaza came to Dashhat when their contact with families was cut off due to the sudden closure of the messaging app and calls stopped coming. Wafa Abdul Rahman, director of an women’s organization in Ramalla City, West Bank, said, ‘ I was very scared. I have not had any conversation with my family for many hours.

Physicians are not able to contact

Lynn Hastings, UN humanitarian coordinator for the occupied territories, posted on the social media forum ‘X’ that hospitals and aid campaigns would not operate without phone and internet service Will be able. At the same time, Red Crescent said that he was unable to contact medical parties and residents were unable to call the ambulance service। International aid groups said they could contact only a few employees using satellite phones.

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