Israel-Hamas War: Missiles in musical concerts, 260 corpses laid, creepy video surfaced


The war between Israel and Hamas continues, with Israeli forces responding to Hamas. More than 1100 people have died in this war. A creepy video of a music concert of the time Hamas attacked Israel has surfaced.

A video surfaced on social media amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas shows missiles flying towards a concert in Israel. There was chaos at the festival when the terrorists attacked the venue, In which at least 260 people were killed and many people were kidnapped from there. Thousands of people attended this party near Kibbutz Reim near Gaza, where Palestinian gunmen attacked the venue and shot people trying to escape. During the attack, Hamas militants infiltrated Israeli cities and fired missiles, resulting in more than 1100 casualties in Israel and Gaza. In a television address, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the attack “fatal.”

Videos from the concert went viral, one of them showing terrorists kidnapping a young woman, Noa Argamani, and taking her to the back of a motorcycle, While she was screaming for help. The men were seen stopping her lover, the indestructible side. He was seen rolling his hands behind his back. He is believed to be two of the many Israelis who are believed to have been currently held captive in Gaza.

What did Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu say?

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement that Israel is “at war, citizens of Israel, we are at war. No operation, no war! Netanyahu said in his filmed statement in Hebrew, this morning Hamas launched a deadly attack against the state of Israel and its citizens.

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