Israel-Hamas War: The girl who went to attend the music festival, Hamas terrorists were taken abducted, exposed Video


The Israeli government has released several videos and photos of its citizens being kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. Israeli forces have retaliated after the terrorist organization’s attack.

Israel: The day of October 7 was a very dangerous day for Israel. Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization, created a tremendous attack. Thousands of people were badly injured when their attack killed hundreds of people. During this time, the terrorists abducted and took many people with them. Now many such videos are coming out, in which terrorists are taking people with them by kidnapping them. The Israeli government is also giving information about this.

A video on social media is going viral, in which a girl has been forced into a motorcycle by a Hamas terrorist and is begging for life from them. The girl’s name is being called Noa Argamani. According to information, Noa went to a party with her boyfriend Avi Nathan. Hamas fighters attacked here. Then he took the girl and took it with him। During this time she kept saying don’t kill me.

Even after Noa’s lakh request, he did not listen to one of her and took her with him. Hamas terrorists beat the girl’s boyfriend a lot and have not been able to contact the boy yet. Hamas fighters are believed to have imprisoned him. Nathan’s family told a news agency that he was informed of the kidnapping of Nathan and Argamani by the emergency team. Now neither of them is getting a phone.

At the same time, the Israeli government has also released several videos and photos of its citizens being kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. Along with this, it has been said from the government that Israel is not considering it a war, not a provocation, and now the people behind it will have to suffer terrible consequences.

Hamas militants showed their terrible form in the southern part of Israel. Here he killed the people in Saream. Spread corpses on the streets. Many were abducted। Surprisingly, Hamas terrorists were being told that when there was a slaughter here, there was no Israeli police or army personnel present there. Israeli newspaper Haaretz said that the Israelites living in the south are urging the army to send security forces. They say they are desperate for help.


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