It rained lakhs of rupees in the story and program of a God of Gujarat. Jai Shree Ram


Gujarat: People showered notes worth lakhs of rupees during folk artist Mayabhai Ahir and folk singer Alpa Patel’s performance in Ahmedabad. The money collected during this event will be used for the work of Gaushala.

Who does not like the story of God, but a rich family of Gujarat spent several lakhs of rupees in one night and he had no work in the family, everyone spent a lot of money.From children to old people, everyone spent lakhs of rupees, even women spent money with open arms and why not Uday too, where there will be the song of Shri Ram Ji, money has no value there.

This family of Gujarat has shaken the whole of India in one night. Everyone is praising them a lot but at the same time some people are also criticizing them. Many people are asking, Sir, are these 2000 notes black money? Due to closure, people are spending so much money but we feel that there is no such thing, in such a situation, no Hindu man wants to keep anything for himself by sacrificing his soul in the name of God.

He sang a very famous song which was in the name of Lord Shri Ram Ji. There is only one slogan in every house, Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri. On this, all the people showered notes on him and this feat was worth seeing there. There was a huge crowd of people and many people came there to listen to him singing. Now this video is trending on Twitter and all social media.

What do you think is right and what is wrong after watching this video? Please tell us by commenting. Your opinion is very important for us.

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