Gaza, plagued by Israeli retaliation, clutches of corpses all over the region


Israel avenged the Hamas attack, bombing Gaza, which revealed the news of at least 520 people being killed and more than 2601 people injured Has been.

Jerusalem: Big news related to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas is coming to light. Palestine’s Ministry of Health has said that at least 198 people have died and 2601 people were injured in Israel’s counter-attack in Gaza. Hamas, the terrorist organization that ruled the Gaza Strip, fired thousands of rockets on Saturday, making an unprecedented attack on Israel. In addition, dozens of Hamas terrorists entered Israel by penetrating the very safe border. Israel then retaliated under which airstrikes were carried out in Gaza.

520 Israeli people killed in Hamas attacks

This figure of dead and injured has surfaced after Israel’s retaliation. Hamas extremists are still attacking Israel. According to an Israeli healthcare official, at least 520 people have been killed and hundreds injured in the Hamas attacks. At the same time, accurate information about casualties in Gaza has not been revealed. However, Palestine’s Ministry of Health has said 198 people were killed. Meanwhile, at least 3 Israelis can be seen holding alive in a Hamas-issued video. There are still reports of some Hamas terrorists being in Israel.

Image Source: Shakti Global News
Palestinians would take an elderly woman from Israel to Gaza


Hamas terrorists kidnap Israelis

Israel The streets of the towns of the dead Israeli civilians and the bodies of Hamas extremists were seen. Associated Press photos saw a kidnapped elderly Israeli woman surrounded by gunmen being brought back to Gaza on a golf cart. At the same time, another woman was seen sitting between 2 fighters on a motorcycle. Some photographs show Hamas gunmen bringing hostage soldiers and civilians to Gaza on motorcycles. At the same time, they were seen rolling Israeli military vehicles on the streets. At the same time, in a video the body of an Israeli soldier within Gaza can be seen dragging by an angry mob of Palestinians.

Image Source: Shakti Global News
Israel bombed Gaza fiercely after the Hamas attack
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