‘Nagin’ actress Mridula Oberoi, who was left unconscious on the set in the shooting of Suicide Scene


There has been an accident with TV actress Mridula Oberoi, about which his fans will be worried. She survived narrowly during the shooting of a suicide scene.

New Delhi Working in a TV serial is considered quite difficult. Many times before, news of some accidents with actors has been revealed. At the same time, there has been a worry about ‘Nagin’ fame actress Mridula Oberoi. In an interview, the actress reported that she had fainted on the set.

The scene was to be trapped

Actress Mridula Oberoi is currently preparing for her upcoming show ‘Baghin. He shared his shooting experience at the Suicide Scene. He said, “We are shooting our final schedule and the climax is very interesting. I am playing a negative role and in the end, I realize my mistake. I try suicide because of guilt.”

Mridula further said, “I literally fainted on the set when I was about to shoot the scene of hanging myself. It was scary and very disturbing. I am very emotional and everything seemed very sad to see the arrangements.” He said, “When I am emotional and unhappy, often my blood pressure is reduced.

The same-day shooting of the whole

He said, “I find myself weak when handling such serious situations, whether in fact or during acting. I am very happy for those who can never imagine such situations. Thinking about many things, I had tears in my eyes. Finally, I finished shooting Sean.

Identification from these shows

Mridula is known for acting in TV shows such as ‘Kumkum Bhagya’, ‘Nagin 6’, ‘Luck Lakshmi’, ‘Apnaapan’, ‘Yeh Hai Kehta।. He also worked in Bollywood films like ‘Jug Jug Jiao’, ‘Love Today 2.

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