Mizoram Assembly Election 2023: Rahul Gandhi will promote the party in Mizoram! Can visit the state next week


Mizoram is scheduled to vote for the Assembly on 7 November. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi can visit the state to campaign towards the Congress Party. They can take a three-day tour of the state from 16 October in connection with campaigning in favour of party candidates.

Mizoram Assembly Election 2023: The political stir in the province has intensified since the announcement of the dates of the Mizoram assembly election. Rahul Gandhi, former Congress President and Senior Leader of the Party, three-day State from 16 October in connection with campaigning in favour of party candidates in view of the Mizoram Assembly election next month. A senior party official gave this information.

Voting will be held on November 7

Lalamalsavama Naghaka, treasurer of Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee, said that Gandhi will take part in a march in the city of Aizol during his visit to the Northeast State and will interact with the people. Assembly elections are due on November 7 in Mizoram. He said that during Gandhi’s stay in the state, the party can announce its candidates for the 40-member assembly elections.

Rahul will reach Mizoram on 16 October

Naghaka said, ‘ ‘ Rahul Gandhi ‘ India will arrive here on 16 October under the Jodo Yatra ’. During his three-day visit, he will participate in a two-kilometre march from Chanamari to Treasury Square in Aijol and campaign in favour of our candidates. ’ ’ He said that Gandhi would negotiate with important persons before departure on 18 October and address the press conference. The votes will be counted on December 3.

Request for change in counting date

Due to the counting date falling on Sunday, all political parties, churches and NGOs in the Christian-dominated Mizoram have urged the Election Commission to change the counting date, Because Sunday is a holy day for the people of the Christian community. Congress recently said that it would field its candidates on all 40 assembly seats. The ruling Mizo National Front and the opposition Joram People’s Movement have all fielded their candidates for 40 seats and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will soon announce their candidates.

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