Nagin fame this actress lost her family in Israel, Hamasi killed her sister and brother-in-law in front of children


On 7 October, the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas attacked Israel, after which war has been going on in both countries. Hundreds of innocent people have died in this war. But cruelty is not taking the name of stopping. Meanwhile, an actress on TV has also lost her family in this fight.

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas’s attack on Israel has caused a stir around the world. Israel was suddenly attacked by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas on 7 October, killing hundreds of innocents. But cruelty is not taking the name of stopping. Many heart-wrenching videos are coming out of the war zone on social media. Meanwhile, another such news related to the Palestinian war on Israel is coming out, which is shocking the heart.

Madhura Nayak shared her grief by sharing the video

It is reported that relatives of the TV industry’s serpent fame Madhura hero have also been murdered by Hamas terrorists. Madhura Nayak himself has shared a video. In the video, he reports that he has lost his family members in the Israeli-Hamas war. In the video, the actress expressed the pain of losing her family, saying – ‘I am a Madhura hero, a newborn in India. We are just 3000 in India. We lost a daughter and son from our family before 7 October. My sister Odaya and her husband were killed, also in front of their two children. Next, Madhura Nayak says that the sorrow and suffering that my family is facing at the moment, cannot describe in words. Today Israel is in pain, children, women and old are burning in Hamas fire.


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Hamas-Israel fight since 7 October

On the morning of 7 October, Hamas attacked Israel, killing hundreds of people. According to media reports, about 900 people have died in these painful attacks in Israel so far. At the same time, Israel has retaliated after Hamas attacks on Israel. The Gaza Strip has turned into a fierce war. Israel has made fresh attacks on helicopters, not just the Gaza Strip, but on the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah. About 1600 people have died on both sides in the war. Meanwhile, the blockade in Gaza has increased the difficulties of organizations running aid campaigns that are engaged in helping the common people.

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