Xi Jinping went on to become the Messiah of Peace, Hamas’s attack on Israel opened like this


Hamas’s attack on Israel damped the attention of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has been trying to become the Messiah of global peace since the beginning of the year.

Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping began this year with efforts to prove himself the ‘Christmas of global peace. On the one hand, where he took the initiative to ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine, On the other hand, diplomatic relations between the arch-enemy countries Iran and Saudi Arabia had cleared the way for establishment. All his efforts were also bringing colour to a great extent, but Hamas’ attack on Israel dung the jaggery and opened his pole.

China gave a round-the-clock statement after the attack

In fact, the statement from China after the Hamas attack did not mention the movement of the terrorist organization, nor any attempt to establish peace. China’s foreign ministry, in its statement, had raised the demand for an independent Palestine and rounded up the attack on Israeli citizens. He had just said in his statement that both sides involved in this war should show patience. The ministry later said in a second statement that both sides were ‘friends’ of China and were ‘sad’ about the casualties in the incident.

Israel did not like China

China Israel did not like this statement and said that it was disappointing to hear such things from Beijing. On the other hand, the US also criticized China for not showing any sympathy to Israel. However, the question arises among all this that Jinping was trying to become the Messiah of Peace until a few months ago, Why not say something to your side during such a big crisis? After all, why is he not even talking about a way out of this situation?

China’s eye on Middle East countries

China’s recent moves make clear that it is eyeing Middle East countries these days. Iran has a hand behind Hamas and that is why it is not openly naming the terrorist organization. It is his attempt to be made from both sides and later a decision should be taken according to the situation. On the other hand, Israel cannot take the way Iran and other Arab countries under its influence. Therefore, he does not want to stand with Israel at the expense of other Arab countries. However, the war of Hamas and Israel has opened the pole of China.

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