New thing revealed in the official statement Will India’s name become ‘Bharat’ in NCERT books?


As soon as this news came out, discussions started about whether preparations were going on to change the name of INDIA to Bharat. However, now the official statement of NCERT has come out on this matter.

New Delhi: Media reports said that the NCERT committee has recommended replacing ‘India’ with ‘Bharat’ in all school textbooks. Committee chairman C.I.Issac told ANI, ‘The NCERT panel has recommended ‘Bharat’ instead of ‘India’ in school books. The discussions about changing the name of the country from INDIA to ‘Bharat’ were not yet over when suddenly a piece of news related to NCERT came out which heated up the market of discussions. There were reports in the media that the NCERT committee has recommended replacing ‘India’ with ‘Bharat’ in all school books.

NCERT official statement

For that purpose various curricular area groups of domain experts are being notified by NCERT And NCERT’s official statement on this matter has also come out. She has clearly stated that the development of new syllabi and books is in process. Therefore, it would be premature to comment on the ongoing media reports on the related issue.

During the summit in New Delhi, Bharat was written instead of INDIA on the nameplate of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. After this, the debate intensified on social media whether India is going to be renamed as Bharat and if it happens, what will be its advantages and disadvantages. The name India first appeared officially when the government sent G20 invitations in the name of the President of India instead of the President of India. Recently, this discussion had subsided a bit but as soon as the news related to NCERT books started appearing in the media reports, once again this spark created a fire. Is there a plan going on to change the name of INDIA to Bharat?

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