Now the speed of the internet will be found at the speed of the rocket, The first 6G lab started in the country


After 5G, India has now started its preparations for 6G technology as well. India is moving rapidly in the world of the Internet to maintain its hold in the field of telecommunications. In this order, the first 6G lab in the country has been started in Bengaluru. 6G will have Internet access many times faster than 5G.

6G Technology in India: India is growing rapidly in the field of the internet. It was only about a year when 5G was launched in the country. Telecom companies are increasingly delivering 5G services in every corner of the country. After 5G, India has also started preparing for 6G. India has started its first 6G lab to strengthen its grip in the field of telecommunications. The country’s first 6G lab was started by Nokia in Bengaluru. This lab was inaugurated by Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav.

The 6G Lab, started by Finland company Nokia, aims to create basic fundamental technology of 6G technology in India. Nokia’s 6G lab is believed to support Global Standert.

After starting this lab, Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnava said that Digital India has made a huge impact on the lives of all Indians. Making India the hub of innovation is a major vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it is necessary that the development of new technology is done in India the introduction of the 6G lab is There is a major step on the side.

The Union Minister said that in the coming days, 6G technology will play a big role in many major sectors along with the industrial sector and this will enable many needs to be met. With the help of this technology, many areas like health, education, transport, and transport will see major changes. The Union Minister said that 6G technology will prove to be a new milestone in the development of India.

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