Opposition MPs accused Chairman Vinod Sonkar of asking personal questions.’Who does Mahua Moitra talk to at night?’


He said that the Chairman was asking many personal questions to Mahua, which was wrong. They all came out in protest against this. Opposition MPs, while coming out of the Ethics Committee meeting, have made serious allegations against Chairman Vinod Kumar Sonkar

New Delhi: Mahua Moitra appeared before the Ethics Committee of the Lok Sabha on Thursday in the cash case. There was a huge uproar during the meeting. During the appearance of Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra, opposition MPs in the committee made serious allegations against Chairman Vinod Kumar Sonkar.With this, they all walked out of the meeting angrily along with Mahua Moitra. While talking to the media after coming out, he alleged that He was asking very personal questions to a woman, which is completely wrong. He said that the chairman was asking questions to Mahua for talking to her friends at night.

Chairman asked personal questions to Mahua Moitra

Speaking to the media after walking out of the meeting, Janata Dal (United) MP Giridhari Yadav said, the chairman asked personal questions to Mahua Moitra. They do not have the right to ask personal questions, That’s why we walked out.” Congress MP Uttam Kumar Reddy said, “From all the questions it seems that the Chairman of the Parliamentary Ethics Committee is working on someone’s instructions. This is very, very bad. We have been asking him some things for the past two days.”

He said that till now no evidence of cash transaction has emerged. This is just drama. BJP people want that no opposition MP should speak against the government or any business house. He said that he was asking Mahua Moitra, with whom were you travelling? With whom were you staying in the hotel? Where were you meeting? Why were you talking to your friends at night? With whom were you staying in the hotel and who was paying for it?

Nishikant Dubey calls for walkout of MPs

These MPs also attacked the complainant BJP MP Nishikant Dubey. He said that the report we were told was highly confidential. Do not share with anyone, That Nishikant Dubey is sharing on media and social media. Nishikant Dubey said that Mahua Moitra tried to present a misleading story before the public. They are not able to digest the fact that Vinod Sonkar, a person from Scheduled Caste, has become the Chairman of the Ethics Committee and is making unnecessary statements against them.

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