Pile accused of assault on female head constable in Saryu Express, UP police encounter


During the joint operation of Sawan UP STF and Ayodhya Police, the criminal Anish Khan has been piled up in the encounter. The police also placed a reward of one lakh rupees on the accused a few days ago.

UP Police: has been very successful in the case of attack on women constable in Saryu Express. Police have piled Anish Khan accused of the case into an encounter. UP STF and Ayodhya Police had run a joint operation. 3 policemen have also been injured in the encounter. Let me tell you that during the Sawan fair, the women constable was attacked in the Saryu Express.

Encounter in Joint Operation

During the joint operation of UP STF and Ayodhya Police, the criminal Anish Khan has been piled up in the encounter. Police soldiers are also reported injured in this incident. The encounter has taken place on the Chhatriva Para Cal route of Station Purnakalandar. STF chief Amitabh Yash will disclose the matter in Lucknow.

Police kept the reward

Police also held a reward of one lakh rupees on this accused who attacked the female constable in the Saryu Express. UP STF had announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh to the informer for the arrest of the accused and issued three mobile numbers.

Head constable was found under the seat of the train

Significantly, Sumitra Patel, the head constable of Bhadri village of Soraon, boarded the Sarayu Express from Fafamau on 30 August last month. The head constable was going to do duty at Hanumanagadhi in Ayodhya, But in the meantime, he was attacked in a dispute between Manakapur to Ayodhya on the train to sit on the seat at night. The invading female policeman had escaped under the train seat in a state of inferiority. As soon as these cases came up, there was a stir in the police department. The female constable has an ongoing treatment at the Lucknow Trauma Center.

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