Romance in the office: Experts said this big thing about workplace love affairs


Professional people are often more involved in the workings of today’s runaway life and competition, which affects the love of the professionals part of life.

New Delhi, In today’s runaway life and competition disaster Professional people are often more involved in functioning, and this affects the love of the professionals’ part of life. In this case, it is often seen that people working together love Let’s start doing it. Such love affairs are also durable and sometimes such an affair results in marriage. However, Experts believe that before people work together, before falling in love, one must keep in mind that this can lead to a conflict of interest.

Stellar Search Shailja Dutt, the founder and chairperson, said that honestly, it is difficult to stop romance in the office. He said that in the present corporate environment, employees spend most of their time in the office. In such a way that it is natural that he Workplace But start loving a colleague or someone related to your work. At Steller, we have seen many employees who met in the company itself and later they also married.

However, he said that the love affair of people working in the same company or the same department does not go well as it leads to conflict of interest. He said that although you work in a large institution and you are in separate departments where you do not communicate among yourself, this is a better situation. Mercitiers, founder of Event Mosaic and Vij Plus and writer Oshika Parall said Love affair in office Companies and employees should be alert about this.

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