Chinese Propaganda is going on Asian Games 2023! Neeraj Chopra


The world’s 2nd economy can’t even measure javelin distance. India’s javelin throw master Neeraj Chopra threw his first throw with so much force that like the Chinese mobile, his machine also got damaged.

Asian Games 2023: India’s Neeraj Chopra threw his first throw in the Asian Games with so much power that due to China’s technical support and their cunning mind and the machine there, his first throw was mismatched.

Neeraj Chopra has made his name everywhere with gold medals. He gave his full contribution in Javelin and when he reached the Asian Games 2023 tournament, the manager and staff there gave him his first through. Made it wrong but this is completely wrong. Any player risks his life only for the first time because no person can do the same thing again and again. This is how Neeraj Chopra threw his first through at 85 meters. But he was counted in the through foul by the technical team and manager of China. It is all China’s game India should get the gold medal in Javelin but nothing like this will be possible because the player who is your The person playing is not an ordinary player, he is a master player of Javelin, due to which Javelin throw was postponed today.

86-87 that first throw which they couldn’t record!!! Neeraj Chopra Image Source: Twitter


All these things are true, China never accepts its mistakes and leaves no stone unturned to humiliate India. There is no competition between India and China. China did not support India even when it was against Pakistan. If he was fighting then why would he give it today? This is a matter of the whole world. China always blames its mistakes on someone else. No one in the whole world has seen a country as fallen as China. China is capable of humiliating India. Leave no stone unturned but India is also that player who can color even a flying bird. India will not bow down and I and all our countrymen have full faith that Neeraj Chopra will be there this time too. The entire people of India will bring a gold medal in the Asian Games and all the people have high expectations from Neeraj Chopra how many times will China make mistakes, otherwise if we improve then we will face problems. All the best Neeraj Chopra Chak de India 🇮🇳

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