Shilpa Shetty threw slippers towards her husband Raj Kundra. Mask Man opened ‘UT 69’ trailer launch


Raj Kundra, who is fully prepared for the start of his acting career in ‘UT 69’, Raj Kundra reports that Shilpa Shetty had thrown ‘flying slippers’ at him.

New Delhi Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra has been in a lot of controversies due to his arrest in the making of Ariotic films. Now, he has started his acting career and today the trailer of his first film ‘UT 69’ has surfaced on Wednesday. The film has been under discussion for the past and is being called his biopic. Because the film tells the story of his time inside Raj’s Arthur Prison, which lasted for about two months in 2021. At its trailer launch, Raj reveals that his wife Shilpa threw ‘flying slippers’ at him.

Raj Kundra gave this reaction to Shilpa Shetty in the film

During the trailer launch, Raj Kundra stated that when he initially expressed his desire to make a film about his life, what did his wife Shilpa Shetty react to? She said, ‘When I decided to tell her about my film, she was standing a short distance from me. I told them that I had a script and I was waiting for their response. As soon as they listened to me, a flying sandal came towards my face. I believe he initially found the idea somewhat risky.”

Raj further explained, “Perhaps he (Shilpa) suspected that the film would actually be made.” He further said, “ Later, I asked director Shahnawaz Ali to go and explain Shilpa. He gave the story. Shilpa then considered it and understood that the film was not against the system at all and he found it a very human story.

Shilpa believed in the acting of Raj

Raj Kundra revealed that Shilpa Shetty was unsure of his acting skills. Raj Kundra also stated that Shilpa was sceptical about making his acting debut in his film. However, she later became convinced and gave her approval. He said, “She was a very good partner. Shilpa asked ‘Will you do acting?’ I convinced him that I could because I had some acting experience while in prison.

Shilpa always supported

Talking about how important his opinion is to him, Raj further stated, “She is very sweet. She has supported me in all my efforts and believes in me. We are best friends, if best friends cannot have an open and honest conversation, they should not stay in the marriage.” When asked how Shilpa finally reacted after watching ‘UT 69’, Raj became emotional and said, “He has seen the film and is proud of me. This is my victory.

Raj Kundra’s UT 69 is fully set for release in theatres on 3 November this year.

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