Rajasthan Assembly Election: Sonia-Rahul showed a sharp attitude! 3 big leaders’ tickets in danger


The tickets of 3 big Congress leaders have come under threat before the Rajasthan assembly election. The reason behind this is that these leaders are being held responsible for not meeting the Rajasthan Congress Legislative Party on 25 September 2022.

Jaipur: A big news related to Congress has come out before the Rajasthan assembly election. According to information from sources, the tickets of 3 big leaders are in danger. It is believed that these are the same leaders, due to which the Rajasthan Congress MLA party could not meet on 25 September 2022. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi showed sharp attitudes in the meeting of the Central Election Committee on these leaders. There is an idea that tickets of these leaders can be hanged.

Who are these 3 leaders?

The 3 leaders who are under threat on the ticket in Rajasthan include the name of Shantilal Dhariwal, the close minister of CM Ashok Gahalot, Mahesh Joshi and the rated minister Dharmendra Rathore.

What is the whole matter?

Last year, a meeting of the MLA party was called in Jaipur on the instructions of Alakaman. During this time, the supervisors who were president of Sonia had to return without a meeting. After this, a notice of cause was issued to these three leaders. Now the ticket of Mahesh Joshi and Dharmendra Rathore was stuck in the screening committee itself, but Dhariwal’s name was sent to the Central Election Committee by the Screening Committee on special request of Gahalot.

Sonia said in the name of Dhariwal – who are these?

As soon as Dhariwal’s name came up in the meeting that started at 8:30 a.m., Sonia Gandhi spoke in an angry tone as to who she was. How to name them? After this, Ashok Gahalot started favouring Shantilal Dhariwal and started explaining his hold in the area.

During this time Rahul Gandhi spoke in the middle and said finish the subject here. Rahul then told Chairman Gaurav Gogoi of the screening committee that there was no fresh candidate outside the Dhariwal family. Gogoi then said OK while agreeing and shook his head. Rahul has made it clear by talking outside the Dhariwal family that it is also just an illusion to expect the son of a 79-year-old Dhariwal to get a ticket. All went silent on this whole matter from Kharge to Gahalot.
After this, the message was that Alakman had adopted such an attitude because of what happened in Jaipur on 25 September. In such a situation, the three leaders are now finding it very difficult to get tickets.

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